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Living Library, James Sellick visit and more

Living Library, James Sellick visit and more


BHA Library Team


The library team held the 2nd BHA Living Library event earlier this month with the theme of “Life Experiences.” More than 30 living books shared their stories about topics such as taking a gap year from law school; working in Hollywood at age 8; managing an Ice Cream factory or pursuing a career as an opera singer.  Middle school students enjoyed learning about these diverse experiences and had the opportunities to ask questions and gain inspiration from different people.

Just this week, author James Sellick shared his books about feeling with students in the Lower Junior School. James is an award-winning, Empathy lab trained author, playwright and creative director from London. 

Next month is our annual Book and Poetry celebration. This year we will be hosting Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger, Outspoken Literacy Consultants as poets in residence from 18th - 24th April.  They will be working with students in Upper Junior and Middle School to support their writing and we are planning to hold a Middle School poetry slam to celebrate our G6-8 student voices on the last day. Our popular Book Character Dress up Parade will also take place on Wednesday, April 24th.

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