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Leaders for Learning

By Florence Wayas, Service Learning Coordinator

The global pandemic has thrust many schools into an era of online learning, in a time when many have not had access to the technology available to do this. Here, at Branksome Hall Asia we are fortunate to have the technical infrastructure and support provided by our colleagues, to facilitate the delivery of excellent lessons online.  We are also especially proud of our students who are using their talent, skills, and knowledge to help other less-fortunate students who do not have access to such resources.

Two Branksome Hall Asia students, Nakyung Kang in Grade 11 and Gayeon Koh in Grade 10 have participated to form a full team of international school students who plan and deliver lessons to elementary students in the public education system through video conferencing technology such as Zoom and Skype, following on an initiative begun by one Grade 11 student at Chadwick International School. These students are the directors of a project called ‘Étudions with me,’ which means ‘Let’s study together.’ Students at Branksome Hall Asia, Chadwick International, and Nanjing International School are involved. Other Branksome Hall Asia students including Isabella Angelina Kim (Grade 10), Hyesung Tae (Grade 10), and Heesung Tae (Grade 9) are onboard as student teachers.

This program was established to help elementary students acquire English language skills and extend their creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic. By developing Étudions, the team have shown incredible empathy for students who found the change to online learning a bit unsettling. Through this action, our students have shown wonderful compassion, which is one of our Service Pillars. 

The Étudions program teaches students using progressively more complex English articles using publications such TIME Kids, National Geographic, and Nature. The student volunteers who teach the participants, teach grammar and vocabulary in a creative way with each session lasting for 30-40 minutes. These lessons can be viewed on their dedicated website, which the team has advertised on NAVER Cafes to encourage even more students to participate. 

We want to congratulate these students on choosing to extend a hand of kindness to other students in need of their support during this time of crisis.  Well done ladies, and keep it up!