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Lead Workshops for the Senior House Students

By Mindi Dryer, Head of Boarding, Head of Sherborne House

In the Branksome Hall Asia Boarding Program, our faculty provides both academic and social support, through a variety of 1-on-1 sessions and group workshops. Recently, the Teacher Dons created and lead workshops for the Senior House students. This was a chance for the Teacher Dons to speak to the students on issues that are important to our Boarding community. In their individual meetings with students, Dons compiled a list of topics that students suggested would be of benefit for G10 - G12 students in their academic and social lives.  Two general themes emerged: Life Skills and College Readiness. The Life skills workshops centered around effective communication, stress management, time management, and organizational skills. College Readiness workshops focused on useful academic and college readiness apps, cultures throughout the world, and social interactions at university. The students then had an opportunity to choose one of these workshops, based on their preference.

Through these workshops, the students were able to receive valuable information. The skills that they learned are something they will be able to take with them into the next phase of their lives. The Teacher Dons were more than thrilled to offer workshops for the students and share experiences from their own lives. Dons hope that the students will not only remember these lessons, but also continue to implement them in the future.