Last Week of Semester one and The Lunar New Year Celebration

By Gracie Suk

Junior school is working on wrapping up the first semester. We are reflecting on semester one and are looking back on what we have done for the past eighteen weeks to plan ahead for the second part of the year.  Also, there is the very last assembly that we are going to have, the Lunar New Year’s celebration. The students in Junior school are learning about the meaning of the Lunar New Year in Korea and China. This learning helps students adopt the attitude of open-minded, communicators and thinkers through the understanding of traditional culture. 

It has been an amazing semester for junior school students. We had a new upside-down ice cream cone net as a new playground friend. By using the new ride, we were able to learn how to share things in a safe way. Aside from all the fun stuff we had for the last six months, we are so proud of having a wonderful learning with teachers and friends. We can’t wait to learn more in Semester two!

For the assembly on the 22nd of January, we are practicing Korean traditional songs, fan dancing and Taekwondo to share Korean parts of culture. Also, some of the Chinese students are working on the play and chopstick dance that can show beautiful parts of Chinese traditions. Wearing traditional costumes such as Hanbok and Chipao, we are looking forward to seeing everyone around the school community on that day.