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Junior School Three-Way Conferences

Junior School Three-Way Conferences

Ms. Frances Lond-Caulk,
Head of Junior School


Each year we have three parent conferences. In October parents come to school to meet with teachers. In February parents come to school with their children. In April parents will come to school for our Student-led Conferences when children lead their parents for the session.  

After our recent Three-Way Conferences, I spoke to some students and we reflected on the conferences. Here are some of their thoughts:

Our students thoughts:

“We got to show our progress and our goal setting” Hajoon Grade 3

“I think I just liked it. Last year I couldn’t come to the conference so it was nice this year, that I could listen to what the teacher said to my mother.” YeonHu, Grade 3

“I liked that I shared my goal with my mother. My goal is to add capital letters and full stops to my writing. My mother liked listening to my goals.” Andy, Grade 3 

“I enjoyed sharing the goals, my goal is to write more and also use a hook for the audience. My mommy and daddy did not understand what this meant, so I explained it to her.” Seoa, Grade 3

“My mother was happy that I could introduce my work to her. She was excited about this.” Jiwoo, Grade 5 

“My parents like that they can know what I need to improve. My goals are to raise my hand in class more confidently and also to improve my measurement skills in maths.” Jihye Grade 5

“It was fun talking and discussing my goals. The teacher and my mum interacted with each other to improve my goal-setting. My goals were to improve in maths and reading. One personal goal was to achieve a distinction in music theory at home.” Mikaela, Grade 5 

“First I really like that I could share my goals with my mum. I also heard my teacher tell how I could improve and how I was good at some things.” Olivia, Grade 5

We so appreciate having parents come to school to hear about their children’s learning. For us, it’s so fabulous to see smiling children and parents on campus.