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Junior School Reflections on the Year

Junior School Reflections on the Year

Frances Lond-Caulk,
Head of Junior School


This school year, the Junior School had the most students it has ever had, and it was wonderful to see how over 540 children learned to share our spaces and playgrounds together. Along with more students, we also had more teachers. Our Junior School team this year was a large group; 81 teachers, teacher interns, and educational assistants. I would like to say an enormous thank you to each of them. They have worked so hard all year to ensure that the JS students really have incredible learning experiences, and we keep in mind our Branksome Hall Asia mission, which is to “challenge and inspire students to love learning and shape a better world". 

The Junior School students really do focus on making a better world, and as a team, we are so proud of the actions they have taken throughout the year. Actions can be simple, like picking up litter or designing posters to protect insects, or larger scale, like donating money to support children in Africa having clean drinking water or sending letters to politicians to make changes in our community. 

The biggest challenge for teachers this year was moving into the new Lower Junior School. Planning for and setting up new classrooms while teaching full-time was hard work. But now as the year ends, the teachers and students are well settled in this fabulous new space. Everyone loves our new playground, which has become a popular hangout for families at the end of the school day. 

As the outgoing Head of the Junior School, I am so proud of the developments that have taken place in the four years that I have been at Branksome Hall Asia. I feel confident that I am leaving the school in good hands as I pass the role over to Mr. Peter Row. 

Keep well the road Junior School, I will miss you!