Junior School Playground Upgrades

By: Rhonda Witt

During this past summer break, Branksome Hall Asia’s Junior School playgrounds were enhanced to make them more interesting, challenging and entertaining for our students.  A great deal of research and planning occurred before the work began. The long-term plan for the playground includes further enhancements which will happen over time.

The area closest to Gate 1 has received shade umbrellas, anti-erosion mats on the climbing hills, a new space-net designed to develop strength, balance, and problem solving and a natural timber climbing and balance area.  There is also a new storage shed to house toys, sports equipment and games for outdoor play.

In the area behind the lower junior pod under the bridge to the wellness centre, work has also been completed to include a bicycle track, a natural timber climbing and balance area and marked hopscotch and play areas. The new storage shed contains outdoor sports equipment including hoops, balls, skipping ropes, bicycles, scooters, and toy vehicles. Our students have embraced the new additions with great joy and enthusiasm. Much of the new play equipment is designed to stretch students’ physical and mental boundaries as they challenge themselves to risk-take, self manage, learn self awareness and make responsible decisions. It is only through doing that children have the opportunity to practice these skills we encourage them to learn. As well as increased physical challenges, their opportunities to share, compromise and problem solve are being increased as a result of these new play opportunities.

Many staff have worked hard to facilitate these improvements to our school, but Terry Jung in BHA facilities should be acknowledged as the leader of this fine upgrade to our school. We are excited to be planning the next stages of development for the Junior School play areas.