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Junior School Culture of Care in Action

By Yasmine Yavari, Grade 5 Intern

If you walked into the Upper Junior Pod this week, you may have seen a number of heart-warming posters created by students for their peers who stayed home during the first week back from the holidays. In the “Pay it Forward'' CASE, Grade 3 and 4 students make kindness messages, posters, and perform kindness acts around the school to support our Culture of Care at Branksome Hall Asia. Sofia from G4AM said that when she made the posters, she was “thinking about everyone who didn’t come. School felt empty without my friends”. Eileen from G4SC said that she made the posters because she wanted students to feel comfortable, and to make them feel cared for. Yuqi in G4AM said that it was nice for her to see the posters when she returned to school. Pay it Forward fits into the Service portion of the Junior School CASE activities and their efforts have reached beyond the Junior School. One student in G4SC, Ruby, recalled the cards that they made for the Cafeteria Staff, “they cook all of our meals, and rarely anyone says thank you”. After receiving the cards, Ruby says that the cafeteria staff recognizes her, and “now I say hi to them every day”. 

This CASE is all about spreading the Culture of Care around Branksome Hall Asia. It seems like the more kindness is spread, the more it comes back to the Jr. School. Eileen mentioned that ‘by making other people happy, this CASE makes me happy too”.