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JS Spring Production: Seussical the Musical, Kids!


Hamin Lee
Junior School Music Teacher


I rubbed my hands together, clasped and unclasped them, picked at my nails, then stood up. I paced back forth, looking at the floor, and glancing at the closed door as I passed. I was on the third floor hallway of the Lower Junior pod. It was today! Today was the day that I was auditioning for the JS production! I had practiced a song to sing and prepared a monolog for it and I knew what I had to do. I was ready, but why did I feel so nervous? My heart kept racing, I felt like I wasn’t breathing properly, and I couldn’t sit still. It was as if I had run a marathon. I stopped pacing and decided to take a seat to wait for my turn to audition. Maybe I was moving too much and that's why my heart kept racing. As I went to sit down, the door of the music classroom opened and I heard Ms. Lee say, “Next! Hello! Are you ready?”

The Junior School had a very exciting last week of December, just before the break. We held auditions for the JS Spring Production, where students had to prepare 16 bars of a song from the production and a monolog. At the auditions, the students had to perform both the song and the monolog from memory in front of several teachers. We also held dance auditions to determine which students wanted to be a part of the dance crew. In total, we had over 100 students audition to join the main cast, dance crew, and actor’s ensemble.

The JS Spring Production is “Seussical the Musical, Kids!”, a musical production that shows the power of imagination, friendship, loyalty, family, and community. One day, Horton the elephant discovers a speck of dust containing tiny people called the Whos. However, no one believes him and they call him crazy when he claims that these tiny people called the Whos exist. The Cat in the Hat narrates the details of how Horton faces ridicule and challenges as he works to protect the Whos from a world of dangers. Although Horton faces ridicule and danger, Gertrude McFuzz, his loyal friend, never loses faith in him. Horton also ends up guarding an abandoned egg that has been left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird, and he ends up in court facing a trial for his claims and actions. He must fight for what he believes in or he will be sent away to an asylum. What will become of Horton? Will anyone believe him? Will he be able to protect the Whos and the egg until the end? Stay tuned and enjoy watching the JS production, “Seussical the Musical, Kids!” to find out! Coming to the Junior School at the end of March!