JS new playground equipment named

By: Frances Lond-Caulk, Head of Junior School

The Junior School students were so very excited on Tuesday when our latest piece of playground equipment was launched. All of the students were so eager to climb to the top! It was interesting to see how some children were very confident at climbing and for others they were being real risk-takers by having a go. 

The naming competition finally came to a close with a winner. Haram Park in Grade 3, chose a very unique name. The Junior School Student Council and Clan Chieftains voted and Haran’s was the winning name. 

She chose: “Upside Down Ice-Cream Cone Net.”  We may need to shorten this long name a little, but that is now the official name of the net. Haram was extremely proud to cut the ribbon at the opening and her mother came to watch her. We are all so happy to be able to climb high at recess times.