JS Animal Shelter Donations
Paws 4 Thought - Animal Service CASE

By Suzanne Cormack, Grade 4 Teacher

The Junior School ‘Paws 4 Thought’ - Animal Service CASE has been coordinating a donation drive for the Jeju Animal Shelter.

Last Friday, November 29 at 3:30 p.m. shelter volunteers came to collect donations from our students in the Upper Junior Pod. 

‘Paws 4 Thought’ is made up of a group of G3, 4 and 5 Junior School students who are passionate about making the lives of Jeju animals better. The first thing they did was to meet with volunteers from the Jeju Animal Shelter to learn more about how they could help the animals residing at the shelter. They then set about creating posters to distribute across the Junior School, asking for gifts of kibble, canned food, blankets and toys for the shelter dogs and cats. The students raised awareness regarding the plight of the eight thousand dogs that pass through the shelter every year by giving stickers to the Junior School. The Junior School responded and brought in close to one hundred kilograms of dog and cat food! This was then presented to the shelter volunteers at the end of CASE Block A. In addition, the students worked to reach out to the Junior School and ensure their safety around dogs by helping them to better understand the body  language of dogs in order to prevent being bitten.