IB Diploma News

By Nick Daniel, IB Diploma Coordinator, TOK / English

Mock Exams - Grade 12

Grade 12 students are now preparing for their IB Diploma mock exams, which will take place on February 21-28 2020. This is an important opportunity for students to test their revision and exam skills. Students have had support with note-taking and revision skills throughout the two years of the program, and the mock exams will test how successful they have been at practicing those skills.

We wish them the best of luck in these important exams!

Academic Integrity in the IB

The International Baccalaureate recently published its new Academic Integrity Policy which can be found on the IBO website here. This document should be read by all teachers, administrators, parents, and guardians. It outlines why academic integrity is so important, and how students can avoid plagiarism and collusion.

The policy outlines a clear definition of student academic misconduct and its consequences. Consequences can include the loss of a subject grade and failure to achieve a full IB Diploma.

Plagiarism, for example, can range from failing to cite a source to using an essay or part of an essay which has been written by another student, created (illegally) by an Academy, or even sold online.

Why is Academic Integrity so Important?

Academic Integrity is important for three main reasons: to maintain fairness, to maintain trust and credibility, and to develop respect for others

As our current G12s submit their final Internal and External Assessments to the IB, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure that all sources and references are correctly cited and that there is no plagiarism.

To support students, all teachers are expected to teach the skills which promote academic integrity. In addition, all IB Diploma teachers are expected to submit completed drafts of Internal and External Assessments (early and final) to turnitin.com through Managebac. Turnitin is an online system for confirm that student work is properly cited and referenced.

The IB document ‘Effective Citing and Referencing’ explains how students should cite and reference sources. It is an excellent guide for students, and can be found here

Academic Integrity Beyond School

There is an increasing interest by universities and businesses to take academic integrity more seriously in academia and the workplace. A move is currently underway in the UK to criminalize plagiarism, so that students who plagiarize would have a criminal record. In addition, an increasing number of scientists are being imprisoned for falsifying scientific research.

In a world where ‘fake’ news and unsubstantiated ‘facts’ are increasingly prevalent on social media, the question of academic integrity has become all the more significant.

We encourage you to discuss the question of academic integrity with your daughter, so that all are fully aware of its importance.