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IB Diploma News

By Nick Daniel, DP Coordinator


IB Diploma - Mock Exams

DP Mock Exams (February 21-28) are fast approaching. Students should be busy revising and reviewing content and skills in preparation for the exams. DP teachers are also offering revision sessions, which are published to students on a separate calendar. The Mock Exams are an opportunity for students to practice writing exam papers under strict conditions. The Mock Exams provide an opportunity for students to perfect the timing of exam questions, refine the quality of their revision, and enhance their understanding of exam regulations. It is important to note that mock exam results also feature significantly in the Semester 2 reports. We wish our Grade 12 students the best of luck in their upcoming mocks. We know you are capable of remarkable results.

Digital Support for DP Students During Quarantine

While the two-week quarantine has been a challenge for students, BHA faculty and leadership have worked hard to ensure that teaching and learning continue digitally for all students who are off-campus. Using Google Classroom and Google Hangouts, as well as other platforms,  teachers have been streaming their classes live. Teachers have also supplied students with all the necessary content and materials for each course, through Google Classrooms and via email. 

Students have been contacted by phone, WeChat, and email to ensure that they are fully aware of these developments, and know where to find class materials and how to join online classes.

Student Responsibilities During Quarantine

It is important to note that under these circumstances, students must also meet certain responsibilities. They are expected, for example, to check and respond to emails daily, and to attend all scheduled online classes according to their normal school timetable. Without the students meeting these responsibilities, no digital learning system can succeed. 

IB Diploma Internal Assessments - Congratulations to Our Grade 12 Students!

As we approach the mocks and then the final exams in May, Grade 12 students are in the process of finalizing their internal assessments across their subjects. The TOK essay has also been completed by the majority of students, and the Extended Essay has now been completed. These are all significant milestones for the Grade 12 students, and we congratulate them on meeting the challenges of the IB Diploma so well. They have  worked extremely hard, with the support of their teachers and supervisors, to achieve independent work of high quality. The IB Diploma is challenging, and our girls have shown high levels of self-reliance, resilience and independence. Very well done to them.