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IB Diploma News

By Nick Daniel

Online Learning in the DP - Exciting Developments!

During our first weeks of online teaching and learning, DP teachers and students have been engaged in a wide range of digitally driven activities. 

Visiting classrooms and listening in on classes, I have seen many examples of excellent online teaching practice. Teachers across different subjects have been using digital whiteboards to demonstrate visual concepts and ideas; document cameras to display live drawings and diagrams; Google hangouts to ensure collaborative activities and breakout group discussion; and eAssessments using Google Forms. 

At the same time, teachers have been in constant communication with students, providing feedback on assignments, review of key topics, and one-on-one academic support.

These are just some of the many strategies used to support our DP students during this period of time. These examples demonstrate the flexibility and readiness of our teachers to deliver the IB Diploma curriculum online, at very short notice. 

IB Diploma Mock Exams

Due to the school closure, mock exams were held remotely during the week of March 16th-23rd. They were taken online, and students were monitored via Google Hangout. Scheduled class time was not affected. Although they were not live, this was a valuable experience for students. It will help reduce the level of stress and anxiety in the final exams, and students will have learned valuable lessons from the revision and exam-taking process.

In addition to these online examination experiences, students will be given ample live exam practice in school. This will include use of the actual exam room, exam answer sheets and invigilator’s instructions, so that students have a realistic experience of the examination process before the final exams in May.

Due to the new mock exam schedule, final CAS interviews will now start during the week of March 23rd.