Higher Education Sessions Held in Seoul and At Branksome Hall Asia

By: Dr. Mark Lee, University Counselor 

Higher Education parent information sessions were held this past Friday at the Asem building in Seoul and on Monday at Branksome Hall Asia for Parents of Grade 9-12 students.  These sessions focused on several important aspects of our Career and Guidance program. First, a discussion of core values of the program was presented. These values include the importance of student collaboration instead of competition at our school.  Girls learn better in collaborative environments where they can develop their risk-taking skills and leadership abilities. 


Also discussed was the importance of student experiences both inside and outside of the school during the course of the Diploma Program.  These experiences help students to consolidate their learning and create deeper understandings.  Indeed, it is often argued that real learning happens only after students take what they have learned in classrooms and make it their own through application and experience. Engaging in internships, volunteer experiences, and participation in summer programs at universities also help students to explore and confirm their interests. 

The structure of the G9-12 guidance program was also outlined and parents heard about guidance classes, our new CIALFO university research platform, and other opportunities for students to receive guidance during their learning journey. 

Several suggestions were also provided to help parents assist their daughters in preparing for academic success and entry into university.  These suggestions included encouraging learners to get enough sleep, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Also discussed was the importance of maintaining a strong academic record and choosing courses and activities strategically.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Please do make an appointment with counselors or drop by our offices on the 4th floor of the PAC if you have any questions.  We would love to talk with you!