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Health and Safety at Branksome Hall Asia

Safety is our most important priority at Branksome Hall and we have introduced a few new guidelines this year as we work to keep our campus a safe place for everyone.  We have in place a drill system to help us be ready in case of emergencies. These drills include Evacuation, Earthquake, and Terrorism drills. In the event that an evacuation alarm is sounded (this sounds like an air-raid warning siren from the movies),  everyone proceeds to the Pathway of Knowledge and remains there until an all clear is declared. Gates 1 and 3 are closed automatically during any drill and signs are placed at these places to indicate that a drill is ongoing.  Vehicles may not enter or exit the school during the course of a drill.

Another safety concern relates to the use of bicycles and electric scooters. Please note that helmets are required for students and staff who arrive at school using these vehicles. The use of electric scooters is becoming more popular of late, and it is important that students receive instruction and discussion on the use of these fast moving vehicles.

Students riding scooters to school need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Students must always wear a helmet while on a scooter.

  2. Students must ride their scooters at safe speeds that take into account water on the road, possible ice in winter, pedestrians, and other obstacles. 

  3. Branksome Hall students must not use phones while operating a scooter.

  4. Students must not be overloaded with bags and equipment while riding electric scooters.

  5. When approaching Gate 1 or Gate 3 students must slow their scooters and be very careful when crossing intersections.

  6. All young learners must follow the instructions of the security guard team who are posted at the gates. These staff protect the safety of all they need to be respected and obeyed.

Thank you for discussing these guidelines with your young ones who ride scooters or bikes to school. Let’s keep everyone safe.


Dr. Mark Lee
Chair, Health and Safety