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Dr. Blair Lee
Head of School
Branksome Hall Asia


I'm thrilled to be starting my second year here at BHA. It's wonderful to be surrounded by familiar faces as I greet students and parents at our school gates in the morning, stroll through our hallways, or drop into classrooms. Over the past year, I've heard time and again that BHA's greatest strength lies in its people, and now having spent a year here, I couldn't agree more. Our teachers are truly outstanding, and I'm immensely impressed by the expertise and skills of our new educators who've joined our seasoned faculty. Once again, our parents are deeply engaged in our school community, whether through the Friends of Branksome, our Parent Association, or volunteering within the school. They've partnered with us to make our school even better. And let's not forget our incredible students, who not only work diligently and strive for excellence but also support their fellow students. I've come to truly appreciate the culture of collaboration that fills our campus. We are stronger when we work together.

For those of you that were with us last year, you may recall that we partnered with International Schools Services (ISS) to create a Strategic Plan that will shape the future of BHA. This plan is built on five key Strategic Priorities:

  1. Exceptional Programming that Empowers Students; 
  2. Mission Aligned Faculty and Staff; 
  3. Facilities to Maximize Learning; 
  4. Connected and Cohesive Communities; and 
  5. Sustainable Student Enrollment

This journey is nothing short of exhilarating, as we develop programs and spaces where individuals can unite to cultivate a love for learning and create a better world. It's a captivating era in education as we nurture the next generation of problem solvers, ready to tackle complex local and global challenges. I firmly believe that through unity, care, and collaborative effort, we can achieve excellence - TOGETHER.

In closing, I would like to take a moment to extend my warmest wishes to you and your family as we approach the Chuseok break. This special holiday is a time for gratitude, togetherness, and reflection, and we are so thankful to have your children as part of our school community. May this Chuseok season bring you abundant happiness, prosperity, and precious moments with loved ones.