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Dr. Blair Lee
Head of School
Branksome Hall Asia


Dear BHA Parent Community,

I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Jeju. In this month's newsletter, I wanted to share some exciting updates about what's been happening at BHA lately.

As parents of grade 12 students know all too well, the IB-DP examinations started this Wednesday. These exams mark a significant milestone in our students' educational journey here at BHA, representing the culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and intellectual growth. Beyond attaining the IB Diploma, our students have gained invaluable skills in critical thinking, inquiry, and global citizenship, setting a solid foundation for their future endeavors. I want to wish all our students the best of luck as they prepare for these examinations. Your diligence and perseverance are commendable, and I have every confidence in your ability to excel. We are incredibly proud of the achievements our students have made so far, and we look forward to celebrating their success with you.

In other news, I am happy to share that BHA is expanding and enriching our Athletics program to achieve a high standard of excellence. I want to publicly thank Joanne Smith, our current Athletic and Activities Director, for her dedication and commitment in moving our Athletics program forward. She will be leaving us at the end of this school year to pursue other teaching opportunities. Her efforts have been instrumental in introducing new sports such as table tennis, track and field, baseball, lacrosse, and boys programming, while also nurturing the growth of existing programs. We have seen remarkable expansion across various sports, including hockey, swimming, Middle School tennis, golf, and soccer, alongside significant strides in our High School programs, particularly in soccer and basketball. Joanne, we are deeply grateful for your contributions and we are confident that the foundation you have laid will continue to thrive under new leadership.

To further enhance our Athletics program and provide our students with enriching opportunities, I am excited to announce our participation in the East Asia Pacific International Schools Association (EAPISA) during the 24/25 academic year. EAPISA offers a platform for students to participate in sports, leadership, service, cultural, and academic pursuits within a vibrant international community. Through collaboration and cooperation among member schools, EAPISA fosters global mindedness, integrity, teamwork, and social responsibility, empowering our students to become compassionate and collaborative global citizens. This is an exciting opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and make lasting connections with peers from around the world.

Next year BHA will host three tournaments as part of the EAPISA conference: MS Badminton, MSHS Swim, and HS Badminton. Additionally, we plan to participate in MS soccer tournaments in Bali and HS volleyball in Taiwan during the first season, with further opportunities available in subsequent seasons. These endeavors would not have been possible without the dedication and leadership of Joanne Smith, who has left behind a remarkable legacy. However, I am pleased to announce that Bobby Reed will be joining us as our new Athletic and Activities Director, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise from Chadwick International School. Bobby's appointment signifies our commitment to building upon the foundation laid by Joanne and furthering the excellence of our Athletics program.

As we embark on these exciting ventures and initiatives, I am honored to continue our partnership with you in educating and nurturing the next generation of global leaders. Together, we will strive to provide our students with enriching experiences and opportunities for growth, both inside and outside the classroom.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the BHA community.

Warm regards,