Harry Potter Night - Mischief Managed!

By The Library Team

The publishing of the Harry Potter series changed children’s literature forever and has had an astronomical impact worldwide. Before the Harry Potter series, publishers and writers thought that children would not read books over 100 pages, and believe that children preferred only happy stories. It was also believed that having too many unfamiliar words would be off-putting to readers. However, JK Rowling changed all that. She showed that children would sit still and devour gargantuan books, that dark things can happen to good people, and that sometimes all you need is a group of friends to help you take on the world.  

The magic of Harry Potter lies in the ability to connect people of different cultures, generations, genders, and world views. During our Harry Potter Nights we saw parents participating as eagerly as their children, teachers enjoying the magic, and children engaging in activities that led them into a world full of magical possibilities like being sorted into a house, making a magical wand, searching for dragon eggs and indulging in mysterious potions. The library puts on events such as Harry Potter Night so that we can encourage a love of reading and help our community to be engaged in literature and storytelling. None of this would have been possible without the support and hours of volunteering that parents and teachers put in to transform the library.  We look forward to you joining us at future events. Thank you for keeping the magic alive