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Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Unit

By La Mór, Head of Arts

Between January 13-15th, Grade 7 students gathered in the Black Box Theatre to begin their 3-day 2020 Interdisciplinary Unit IDU (IDU) with several lessons of preparation already complete. Individuals and Societies classes, prior to IDU week, began the process of asking students to think and write about the impacts of their behavior on the environment. During the IDU, Grade 7s needed to identify an issue of sustainability in their daily lives at school, home or within the GEC and create a film for social media, with a simple call to action.

The subjects of Individuals and Societies, English and the Arts formed the basis of the next three day’s activities, bringing together skills, knowledge and creativity from all disciplines to create 13 short films, working in small groups, which were presented to peers, faculty and a Grade 9 audience on day 3. 

The audience was challenged through film techniques, compelling information, emotive imagery, powerful music and sometimes humor, to take action. Grade 7 students encouraged their viewers to turn off, unplug, refill, rethink, reduce and recycle, all in small scale, achievable ways that could contribute to positive change on a big scale. Teachers were very impressed with the students and their commitment to achieving their goals, working collaboratively and learning through real world challenges, making the Grade 7 2020 IDU a great success.

With thanks to our guest speaker Jeremy Sikkens, a freelance Digital Marketer, who instructed the girls in how to make their social media campaign go viral.

Here’s an example of a finished film: 

<More images/larger files here:>