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Grade 12 Exams Completed - Congratulations Girls!

Congratulations and well done to the Grade 12 students. They all successfully completed their exams this week. 

These exams were a bit of a mission after being postponed from the end of last year, then being interrupted with two typhoons and additional restrictions from the increased cases of COVID-19. We are grateful for the flexibility and adaptability demonstrated by the students and teachers. These types of circumstances help to build resilience and determination in our students. 

 Additionally, school exams provide an excellent opportunity to consolidate revision skills, to practice time management and to improve performance under timed conditions. All of these skills will help our girls build up to wonderful success in the final Diploma exams in May 2021.

 We now wish the students well as they receive their results and move onto their next assessments. 


Cheryl Osborne
IB Diploma Coordinator