Junior School Students prepare a refugee camp

By Rebecca Armstrong, Junior School PYP Teacher

This CASE covered a series of learning experiences on natural disasters, refugee camps, their purpose and how people in these situations have to prepare if they have to flee from a natural disaster or military crisis.

Over several weeks, Mr Don (a Red Cross advisor in water and sanitation in emergency situations) joined us as a guest speaker. In his role he has carried out damage assessments in areas affected by floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, earthquakes. He has also worked on the development of camps for refugees and internally displaced people.

During one particular session, the students went outside and constructed a family tent under typical camp conditions. They faced windy, damp weather in an unknown location and were issued with equipment and materials that were unfamiliar and faced the additional pressure of having the family shelter completed before nightfall.

Students gained a better understanding of how natural disasters can affect communities and the daily hardships that impact families in such circumstances.  

Three of our students shared their learning about this CASE; 

“I learned more things about refugees and refugee camp life. We did a Refugee Simulation with Mr. Don. We had a place for a toilet, tent and a place to put food. That helped me to understand how hard a refugee's life is”. - YEJIN JEONG, Grade 5

“I could understand what dangers refugees face and I experience that by listening to an expert, Mr.Don. Also, when we are doing a simulation, I experienced how hard it is to get water which was only 1L and a half but it was very heavy. It seems like it's a very hard life to be a refugee and staying in a refugee camp”. - YEJIN LEE, Grade 5 (Sarah)

“I like this case because I could learn about different world issues and I can take action towards some problems. In this CASE, I have been learning about climate change and activists like Greta Thunberg. Also, I learned about natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados. Mrs.Armstrong introduced us to Mr Don, who worked in lots of places that are connected to refugees. He helped us learn about refugees and refugee camps. The thing I most enjoyed about this CASE is that we could try something like a simulation and activity so we could build a team spirit and learn at the same time”. - YEONJAE KIM, Grade 5