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G10 Students win second place in JIBS Video Contents Festival 2020

One day the teacher introduced us to a contest called the JIBS Video Contents Festival. The contest was a video contest where we always wanted to participate but were nervous about participating. However, we decided to participate in the contest.

The video submission date for the contest was for the folllowing Friday, just a week after we made the decision to participate. As dormitory students, the following weekend constituted our only opportunity to get out of the dormitory for filming. We agonized over what topic we could best express ourselves as high school students, so we decided to produce a video that showed us all taking a free break from our tired daily lives and telling people that it was okay to take a break sometimes. Within two days of planning, directing, acting, filming, and editing, it was quite overwhelming. As the video was intended to be produced, the focus was on visiting various attractions in Jeju, so we were worried about having enough time to finish filming perfectly on a given day. Also, it was not easy to deal with some restrictions that include closed stores. Because we had a goal and the passion to achieve that goal, we could overcome these types of problems.

We learned the technical aspects of the video but also came to understand that the experience changed us to be more positive in our thinking.  Further,  we think we were able to succeed because we are supportive colleagues who trust and follow each other. We will no longer be afraid of challenges. We only live once. These are valuable experiences that would never happen during our lives again. We will keep challenging ourselves to develop and grow..


Rachel Ayun Woo, Geo Suh, Yoonseo Heo (G10)