From Goldman Sachs to UNICEF

By: Florence Wayas (Service Coordinator), Service Coordinator, CAS Coordinator, DP Chemistry Teacher

We are so pleased to have welcomed Ms Eden Su, our guest lecturer for our inaugural Real World Lecture, who captivated and inspired our students with her talk on life in the competitive finance industry. Ms Su’s journey from Goldman Sachs to UNICEF highlighted the importance of personal reflection in helping to shape a successful and meaningful future for yourself.  

Our students were very appreciative of all Ms. Su was able to share with them about her journey to the top and she also commented that her interaction with Branksome students gave her a good opportunity to reflect and even inspired her. She may have been dazzled by the sparkles in the eyes of our students, sparks of passion, determination and focus. 

We are so grateful that Ms. Su has agreed to mentor a group of our girls who are also wishing to embark on a career in finance and/or business. What a wonderful opportunity for our students. That she will also mentor them is a huge bonus. 

We look forward to all the lectures that are still to come in this weekly lecture series. If you would like to offer a Real World Lecture in the 2019-20 academic year, please visit our Google Site and follow the link to sign up. (LINK)