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Flower Power


David Kelly
Service Learning Coordinator and Department Head – Arts


Covid-19 has impacted so many people world-wide in ways we could never have imagined. While everyone has had experiences of personal difficulty and loss, there are also instances when things come to light that have been positive outcomes, if indirectly, of these challenging times.

One such example involves flowers. It has been a tradition at BHA productions for the Service Council to sell snacks and drinks in the foyer during intervals, with the funds raised being donated to a variety of worthy causes. Unable to serve food or beverages with the current restrictions, the Service Council turned that negative into a positive and decided to see if flowers for the audience to give to cast members would be a viable sales alternative.

The beautifully presented single bloom roses proved to be enormously popular, selling out at each performance and providing a wonderful sense of celebration in the auditorium as cast members were inundated with these gifts in appreciation of their efforts at the end of each show. After three performances of Charlotte’s Web, the council members were delighted to find that their final proceeds totalled in excess of KRW 1,100,000, all of which has now been donated to Bitsori Friends, a Korean organization that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to engage with the Arts. Bitsori Friends

As a result of a wonderful Production Team effort, this example of serendipity serves not only as a tangible support for those less fortunate than ourselves, but as a reminder that if we are open to possibilities and remain positive, adverse circumstances can give rise to ideas and uplifting outcomes we may not have otherwise considered.