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Enjoying Your Summer

 Enjoying Your Summer

Branksome Hall Asia University Counselors


Summer is a wonderful time to relax, reflect, and rest. We hope that this summer, all Branksome Hall Asia students are able to take a deep breath, and celebrate their hard work and accomplishments from this year. Summer is also a perfect season to explore your interests, stay caught up on your coursework, and prepare for your college applications. As you begin to look forward to the summer months, here are some suggestions for making the most of your break.

  1. Rest! The IB Program is rigorous; you deserve a break. Taking care of yourself and your mental health allows you to be the best version of yourself. 

  2. Review your coursework. DP classes last two years. This means that summer is the perfect time to review Grade 11 material, and possibly look ahead to Grade 12. Talk to your teacher before the school year ends to get recommendations on keeping course content fresh in your mind.

  3. If you are applying to universities in the fall, use the summer to narrow down your list of schools and work on application materials (like essays, portfolios, or other requirements). Depending on your applications, you may also use the summer to practice and take standardized tests. 

  4. Use the summer to explore your interests. Are you interested in a specific career path? Why not schedule an informational interview, try job shadowing for a day, or even apply for an internship? Do you have any CAS(E) projects that you can develop further in the summer? Are there any organizations or projects where you could volunteer? 

  5. Pursue your academics further. Is there an academic subject that fascinates you? Try taking an online course (many are free through Coursera or other sources), reading current journal articles, and learning more! 

  6. Repeat #1 - rest and relax!


As always, please reach out to your university counselor if you have any questions! 


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The Branksome Hall Asia University Counselors 

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