Empowering Young Women Artists at Branksome 

By: Terri Moore, MS/DP Visual Arts / Grade 12 Advisor & 
David Kelly, MYP/DP Visual Art - TOK / Grade 9 Advisor

On the recent Seoul Visual Art Study Trip, our G10 and G11 Art students engaged with exhibitions of significant Korean and International artists exploring gender, consumerism, personal and social issues. 

A major highlight was Barbara Kruger’s, ‘Forever Now’ Exhibition at the Amore Pacific Museum of Art (APMA). As an American conceptual artist and recognized leader in feminist art, Kruger's work seemed to have a great impact on our students' thinking and reflecting; especially on the use of text and borrowed images with poignant and timely messages that resonated with our students. The exhibition also included newly created works in Hangeul, ‘Plenty should be enough’. 

The visit to Leeum Samsung Gallery was a great opportunity for students to interact with well-known Korean and International artists, juxtaposing one with another with highlight on late 20th Century abstract artworks, and contemporary works of great diversity in styles and media. 

Day two gallery visits included Art Museums, MMCA and SEMA that related well to our focus on using technology; creating lens based works in a range of media including photography, video, animation to installations.

At the MMCA the Korean Art Prize gave a truly interactive experience through the use of technology, engaging both senses and emotions.

This year, for the first time, all four finalists were female Korean artists who explore social issues about equality and traditional family roles. 

The Seoul Art trip was not only informative, with Branksome students gaining new knowledge and perspectives but was also an opportunity for them to engage with works personally, to bond as an art group and especially to further cultivate and inspire their creative talents.

Terri Moore & David Kelly