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EE Endings and Beginnings

The Extended Essay(EE) research project is an integral part of the Diploma Programme years. It represents the culmination of students’ ability to research, understand, cite, and write at a high academic level. The Essay also represents one of the most stressful and challenging components of the diploma experience.. It is my privilege to support and guide students, supervisors, and parents through this year long journey. I enjoy guiding students as they grow and gain confidence in their skills; in the process I always learn more about a variety of subjects. Recently we have had a few events for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. The Exhibition, the Silver Platter Ceremony, and Introduction activities are all conducted annually to both celebrate the accomplishments of the Grade 12’s and introduce the Grade 11’s to the process.

This year, the  Exhibition took place in ten classrooms across the PAC to allow for more in depth conversations. It was organized so that the Grade 11 students could visit different subject groups to learn more about each student’s paper and journey. For the Grade 12 students, this event was a chance for them to share their wisdom with their younger peers as they have been through the process. The Silver Platter Ceremony is the closing ceremony for the Grade 12’s, as it recognizes the hard work that they have put into their papers. This ceremony additionally recognizes students who have overcome challenges, shown overall growth, conducted unusual or exacting research, and who have shown a strong practical application in their work.

Ultimately, the Extended Essay is deeply personal and represents a culmination of students’ skills and understanding. Each paper, like each student, is unique and is a record of the authors’ unique journey. None of this achievement is possible without the guidance of the supervisors. I am grateful to the advisors for their support of the students and am incredibly proud of the Grade 12 class and their achievements in this extended process. Grade 11’s, I am looking forward to learning more about your interests!


Ahlya Fountain
Extended Essay Coordinator