DP Update

by: Nick Daniel, DP Coordinator

Following in the footsteps of our May 2019 graduates, and their outstanding results, this year’s Grade 12 girls are off to a busy start.  The year began with important DP deadlines including the Mathematics Internal Assessments, an Extended Essay draft, and Theory of Knowledge presentations. Students are also working hard to fulfill their CAS requirements. The year will become increasingly busy for Grade 12s as we move further into September and October, with deadlines across all subjects. Students have been issued with a Google calendar that summarizes these deadlines and have been asked to plan backwards from the deadlines to ensure that all their work is submitted on time.

Grade 12s are also very busy planning TOK presentations. This work involves researching a Real Life Situation, asking a knowledge question, and exploring the knowledge question during the course of a 10-12 minute presentation. As ever, the questions raised offer an exciting range of possibilities. Questions include, ‘To what extent does power affect our knowledge?’ and ‘To what extent are ethical principles a sound basis for making decisions in reality?’ Questions like these offer students the opportunity to achieve the three main goals of TOK: to think critically, to be open-minded and to think differently.

Grade 11 students have started the year full of energy and the excitement of learning new topics and - in some cases - exploring courses they may have not encountered before, such as Business Management or Economics. As the year progresses, students will be supported with a range of ATL (Approaches to Learning) strategies to help them with their research skills, note-taking, revision skills and communication. Mastery of these skills is essential if students are to be successful in the IB Diploma. 

It has been an excellent start to the year, with students across Grades 11 and 12 showing positivity, caring for others, and a strong desire to learn.