Design Technology

By: Aidan Hammond, Head of Design Technology

The start of this new academic year has gotten off to an exciting start in the BHA Design Department.

We welcomed our new group of MYP designers, Grade 6, to BHA Design. The last few months have been an exciting time as we introduced them to the MYP design cycle and the new technologies we have available to use. Grade 6 have been working on developing games and experiences using a range of coding and physical computing technologies. This has been especially exciting as students are learning how to code, build switches, and develop unique solutions. For the teachers, the energy and enthusiasm of these new MYP students has been especially rewarding. We will be sharing their solutions soon. 

At the other end of the MYP spectrum, our grade 10 Design courses are building the skills for our girls to independently inquire into open-ended projects. Our G10 Digital Design and Computer Science course has evolved as our students have. This year students will continue with the successful micro-greenhouse project we started last year. Students will design, develop and code a system for growing plants. This project is an exciting application of physical computing to a real world situation. Through their careful coding, we hope everyone is able to successfully grow plants. 

In G10 Product Design class we have just completed an inquiry into the fundamentals of product design, focusing on how to generate ideas, iterate and improve ideas using peer feedback, and learn the skills necessary to bring their idea to reality using Fusion 360 modeling software. Our current unit has students investigating the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and learning how designers select, learn about, and develop solutions for communities in need. This particular project will teach valuable research skills and build on the previous unit’s ideation skills. 

Both these G10 courses are providing students with a strong foundation to pursue DP Computer Science and DP Design Technology. Please feel free to speak to Mr. Hammond (DP Design Technology), or Mr. McAdams (DP Computer Science) if you have questions about taking these courses in grade 11 and 12.

As we move through this academic year, look for more news about the work and learning going on in our design department.