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Class of 2023 Walk of Honor

Class of 2023 Walk of Honor

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Athena Pichay,
Grade 12 Grade Level Coordinator

Joy, pride, gratitude, cheers, honor, and tears…all were seen and felt by our seniors as they walked through the halls of Branksome on their official last day of school on April 14th. This memorable event was celebrated by the whole school: every faculty, staff, and student came out to cheer them on. 

The graduates were led by Mr. McNutt, Head of Senior School, and Heesung Tae, Head Girl and a founding member of Branksome Hall Asia. It was a rainy morning. “The heavens are crying and bidding our girls farewell,” said Mr. Schreider, Deputy Principal. 

Despite the rain, the seniors happily made their way from the PAC to the MS pod, where they were greeted with drums, whistles, and other noise makers. As they went down the stairs to the Design Department and Stem V, the seniors received congratulatory applause and cheers from the Middle School students. Then, they were met with a heartwarming scene as they marched toward the Junior School pod - the lower school children all lined up holding signs of encouragement, banners with joyful messages, and flags with colorful emojis! The little ones cutely beamed with wonder as they clapped and gleefully cheered for their ‘eonnis’ and ‘noonas’. 

“I was teary-eyed, and my heart was filled with profound joy when I saw the sweet little kids,” said Seoyeon Yoo, who served as the Junior School Prefect.

“There were two cute girls who hugged me, and I couldn't help but cry,” added Seojung Kang. 

After taking a lap around the JS pod, the seniors walked up to the School Center, where they were cheered on by the administration staff, social counselors, librarians, and Dr. Blair Lee, Branksome Hall Asia Principal. The walk ended with a luncheon celebration that was lavishly prepared by our Grade 12 parents, who have consistently supported us in every event, project, and activity.

This group of students faced immense challenges and obstacles throughout their high school years due to the pandemic; they attended classes, gave presentations, and sat for exams wearing masks and observing social distancing protocols. However, their Senior Walk of Honor symbolized the culmination of their hard work, tenacity, resilience and ability to overcome. As a community, we will sorely miss their lively spirit, but we are elated with pride and confidence that they will go out to the world and make a difference in the lives of many. 

To our Class of 2023, wherever you go, go with all your heart! Be well and do good!