Clan Spirit Alive and Well

Matt White, Grade 5

The Junior School CASE program has kicked off with some very important Clan events.

The Clan program is a major legacy of Branksome Hall’s history and it is a tradition that is proudly continued and promoted in the Junior School. During the opening weeks we have brought the clans together from Grades 1 to 5 to design and create the clan banners that will be proudly on display in the Junior School pods. 

The idea behind this activity is to have the students working across grade levels, have new students feel welcomed and develop lasting camaraderie. Collaborative activity also allows older students to practice their leadership skills and show that we are an inclusive community.

Please enjoy the color and spirit that the banners bring to the pods as they will soon be on display.

We have also held the Clan Chieftain elections. The Clan Chieftains are Grade 5 students from each clan. Throughout the year, Clan Chieftains will be responsible for running clan events, being leaders and representatives of the Junior School, and ensuring that all students feel welcomed. These activities are undertaken to help spread clan spirit and a sense of belonging throughout the entire Branksome community. 

Clan Chieftain candidates prepared and presented very impressive speeches explaining their passion for their clan, what their clan means to them and why they would be a good leader. Students from Grades 1-5 then voted for who they believed should be their Clan Chieftain. 
We congratulate the successful candidates and look to them for their leadership and responsibility throughout the year.