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CIS Accreditation Update


By Mark Lee, Ph.D.,
Accreditation Coordinator


During the week of November 21-25 representatives from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC) conducted a virtual preliminary visit at our school. The accrediting team examined school curriculum and operational documents and interviewed parents, teachers, students, and staff.  These visitors also observed classroom lessons across the school. The accreditors conducted their evaluation with reference to 9 areas or Domains which included:

  • A - Purpose and Direction
  • B - Governance, Ownership and Leadership
  • C - The Curriculum
  • D - Teaching and Assessing for Learning
  • E - Well-Being
  • F - Staffing
  • G - Premises, Facilities, Technology Systems and Auxiliary Services
  • H - Community and Home Partnerships
  • I -  Residential Services - Boarding

The accrediting team were extraordinarily impressed by the quality of teaching and learning that is happening at the school. In fact, Ms. Deirdre Fischer, the CIS Lead Evaluator, commented that seeing our teachers in action has tempted her to return to the classroom - only if she can work at our school. A very high compliment indeed. The evaluators also expressed their admiration for the quality and condition of our school facilities.

The accreditors will provide the school with commendations and recommendations in a forthcoming report. Branksome administration and staff will then use these recommendations to implement strategic actions over the next 18 months as we prepare for the full CIS/WASC Team Visit in the Spring of 2023.

We have enjoyed a very successful preliminary visit. Thank you again for all that you do to support the learning and well-being of our children.