Chuseok Celebrations at Branksome Hall Asia

By Jooyeon Han, PYP Korean Language and Social Studies

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Chuseok holiday with family and friends. For Koreans, Chuseok is very similar to Thanksgiving Day and is one of the largest and most important celebrations in Korea. Family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors. 

At Branksome Hall Asia, students from JKPrep to Grade 5 celebrated Chuseok during the week before the break. Students discussed how Thanksgiving is celebrated in different countries and participated in traditional Korean Circle Dancing and the Ganggangsullae. 

Ganggangsullae is a traditional Korean folk dance that was first used to bring about a bountiful harvest and in modern days the dance has developed into a cultural symbol of Korea. 

Branksome Hall Asia values our diversity of cultures and will continue to make opportunities to celebrate Korean and Chinese traditions and cultures as well as others.