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Branksome Hall Asia’s Support in Boarding

No travel during Chuseok? Let our Boarding House accommodate you!

During these uncertain times with school closures taking place around the world, blended learning being implemented, and travel restrictions and government guidelines changing daily, it can be difficult to find a “routine.” Our staff in Boarding understands these needs and are happy to provide alternative options to our students and families during the upcoming holiday break. While Chuseok may be a time of year when families prefer to travel and gather to celebrate, it’s not possible for our families to do so at this time. Therefore, our Boarding Houses will provide an option to our boarding students to stay on campus during this school holiday. This option includes meal service, medical assistance, and activities provided by our faculty. We recognize the growing need for this service and are delighted to offer such a program. 

 In addition to our holiday stay option, we were able to accommodate the needs of our boarding students during the recent typhoon season and even took care of our students as our girls were required to move to online learning for a few days last week. Our dedicated Boarding Faculty continue to insist that care and safety are the top priority. The Branksome Hall Asia team and wider community have pulled together to provide additional support. This support has included the delivering of meals to each House during the typhoon and assuring that medical care has been on-campus for all students. While the typhoons have caused some minor damage across campus, the Facilities team is also working tirelessly to resolve all of the items as quickly as possible. 

 With the school-year now in full stride, we continue to offer academic and social support as well, which includes access to our world-class facilities. Students find studying on campus and in quiet spaces to be a huge benefit to their learning needs. The activities we provide on the weekends and social chats within boarding provide much-needed breaks for the well-being of our students. 

 We are proud to say that our Branksome Hall Asia Boarding Program is strong and continues to grow and develop with the needs of our students. 


Mindi Dryer
Head of Boarding