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Branksome Hall Asia’s Communication in regards to COVID-19

By Sharon Su

These days, there are many changes due to the coronavirus all over the world. We hope that all of you stay in good health. Today, as an employee of Branksome Hall Asia, I would like to share with you about the recent feelings that I had in terms of internal and external communication of Branksome Hall Asia in terms of the COVID-19.

Since the eruption of COVID-19, Branksome Hall Asia’s leadership including Principal Dr. Cinde Lock, established and implemented a protocol that includes daily temperature measurement and mask wearing of all faculty, staff and students. Additional disinfection measures were taken from the beginning of the outbreak, and on February 24 when the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea directed emergency closings of schools in South Korea, Branksome Hall Asia immediately proceeded with online class platform, eBranksome, which has been prepared under extensive research following a thorough onsite training for teachers. 

In particular, teachers were able to utilize various resources within the school as well as improve the quality of classes through cooperation between teachers, while minimizing overseas traveling of our teachers from various countries around the world to safeguard against COVID-19. Of course, our goal is to bring students back to classroom learning as early as we can, but the responses to online classes have been positive and we are continuing with further enhancement of the online classes.

Especially during difficult times like this, transparent communication is key as the anxiety of parents and staff may be added. Branksome Hall Asia is working promptly and thoroughly in communicating with parents and staff. Principal Dr. Cinde Lock is sending a daily update titled "Update from Cinde” to all school staff to share latest updates on the situation and actions taken by the Korean government and school. Although it is difficult to completely be free of anxiety at this time, the daily updates received from the Principal's desk brought some comfort to the employees, and as time passed, I myself became inclined to wait for the daily updates. 

As of March 17, the Ministry of Education decided to extend the school open date for another two weeks. Accordingly, Branksome Hall Asia will continue to provide online education until we reopen on April 6, and will do our best to help students maintain the rhythm of learning. In addition, we are closely watching and taking measures to ensure the health and safety of students, parents, and staff. In the following, I would like to share a list of virtual sources of education and entertainment that you can enjoy while you stay home.

Virtual Concerts and Performances (온라인 콘서트 공연)
The Metropolitan Opera (메트로폴리탄 오페라)
Berlin Philharmonic (베를린 필하모닉)
Weiner Staatsoper (비엔나 국립 오페라)
Virtual Field Trips (온라인 견학)
The San Diego Zoo (샌디에고 동물원)
Tour Yellowstone National Park (옐로우스톤 국립 공원)
Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover (큐리오시티와 함께하는 화성 여행)
Canadian FarmFood 360 (캐나다 팜푸드)
Georgia Aquarium (조지아 아쿠아리움)
Virtual Museums and Tours (온라인 박물관 투어)
The Louvre (루브르 박물관)
The British Museum (대영 박물관)
Van Gogh Museum (암스테르담 반 고흐 미술관)
Smithsonian Museum (스미스소니언 자연사 박물관)
The Great Wall of China (만리 장성)
MMCA Korea (국립현대미술관)