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Branksome Hall Asia sisters win National Equestrian Competition

Sisters Chaeyoon Lee(G7) and Chaehyun(G9) won 2nd place(Silver Medal) and 3rd place(Bronze Medal) respectively in the 2020 National Sports Equestrian Competition. 

Hosted and organized by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Equestrian Association and sponsored by the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, this 3-day competition was open to only athletes and organizations who joined the Jeju Equestrian Association (player) at the end of November 2020, and covered the sports-for-all and elite sectors. Prize money totaled approximately 50 million won and the event consisted of horse-riding, obstacle and relay sections.

Here is what Chaeyoon and Chaehyun had to say about learning to horse ride, and the competition itself:

When we were young we were interested in animals, especially horses. Every time we came on a trip to Jeju, we always went to the closest horseback riding ground to enjoy interacting with horses and walk together. After we entered Branksome Hall Asia, we moved our house to Jeju and started to learn at the  ‘Raon Horse Riding Club.’ 

This was my first horse-riding competition in a year. Before this horse riding competition, I felt nervous and my coach said, “The horse will be more active so you need to control the horse very well!”. However I felt very awesome because it was my first obstacle competition and my goal was to safely finish the competition.

Before I started my competition, unfortunately, while practicing, I fell down from the horse because I think I was full of nervousness and kind of scared. However, fortunately, during the competition, I could safely return and finish the competition. Honestly, I didn’t think that I could get a second prize (silver medal) because it was my first day for my competition! After I got second prize, I think I could be closer to my horse. (Chaeyoon)

I had very good memories of practicing with my horse, Jenma. I was so proud that I could participate in a competition with Jenma, and as this was my first experience, I was quite nervous, but after finishing, I had lots of confidence. If there are more competitions,  I would really like to participate again. (Chaehyun)


Chaeyoon Lee (G7) & Chaehyun Lee (G9)