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Branksome Hall Asia MYP IDU This Year

Branksome Hall Asia MYP IDU This Year

Dr. Paula Swartz,
Middle Years Program Coordinator


The Branksome Hall Asia Middle Years Program is excited about the new possibilities our interdisciplinary units have opened up for our students. Our teachers worked hard to plan and develop our signature IDU program, and this year was no exception. 

What are Interdisciplinary Units (IDUs)?

Interdisciplinary learning is when students combine learning from more than one discipline to come up with new ways to think about issues and solve problems. Interdisciplinary teaching requires a different approach aiming to expand what students learn by providing opportunities for them to tackle problems considering multiple perspectives and using multiple knowledge bases.


Grade 6 IDU: Concrete Change


Led by Ms. Caroline Aldrich, Teacher of Design and Ms. Keila Davisson, Teacher of Science, the Grade 6 IDU unit works with Language + Science + Visual Arts. Students collected trash that was used in a combined Visual Art piece now on display in the MS Pod.


Grade 7 IDU:  MARTH

Led by Mr. Ian Sexton, Head of Mathematics, this IDU unit works with Mathematics, Creative Arts, and Languages.

Students inquired into:

  • How can statistical facts be represented and communicated in creative ways?
  • How can language be used creatively to communicate detail, develop understanding and provoke reaction?
  • How can creative arts skills and ideas be used to express an issue effectively and provoke or challenge us?


Grade 8: Reduce, Reuse, Replace the Business of Plastics

Led by Mr. Matt Dean, Head of Individuals & Societies, and Mr. Merv Newhook, Head of Physical and Health Education, this IDU unit works with Design & Business (I&S) 

The students pitched a business idea and worked as a team to explore how entrepreneurship could solve global problems. 


Grade 10: Biomimicry

Led by Mr. Aidan Hammond, Head of Design, this IDU unit works with design, science and language. Biomimicry is when we use the elements of nature to solve complex human problems. Students traveled to Yeomiji Botanical Gardens to get inspiration from plant life which informed their project decisions. Students encapsulated solutions to societal problems in an image inspired by nature. 

We hope our Branksome Hall Asia students were not only excited and engaged during our IDUs, but we also hope they emerged with solid understandings that will help them shape a better world in the future.