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Branksome Hall Asia Early Decision I & II

Branksome Hall Asia is pleased to highlight some of the early data concerning Early Decision I & II acceptances that our Grade 12 US applicants have received to date. As a reminder, Early Decision (ED I & ED II) is a binding agreement between the applicant and the university. If the university accepts the applicant, the applicant must withdraw all applications to other universities and enroll at the accepting institution. The main reason why an applicant would utilize this strategy is that in most cases there is a higher acceptance percentage for the ED track at highly selective universities than in the regular decision (RD) process. Additionally, ED I & ED II track applicants will receive a decision much earlier in the application process (mid-December, late January).

This year, most highly selective universities have seen a dramatic 20-30% increase in overall applications submitted to top 100 universities in the US. This increase in number of applications places an added pressure on applicants as it is effectively lowering the overall acceptance rates.  Needless to say, we are extremely proud to share with you how well BHA students have done in this extremely difficult application period.

Branksome Hall Asia
ED1 & ED2 ED1
(18 applicants)
(13 applicants)
32.2% 33% 30.7%

To give these percentages meaning, by rough estimate, BHA applicants more than doubled the normal acceptance rate at highly selective universities for 2020-2021.

It should be noted that some EDII results are still pending. Please speak to your university counselor to find out more information on whether the Early Decision strategy is right for your daughter.


Branksome Hall Asia University Counselors