BHA Students Shine at the National Youth Jeju 4.3 English Speech Contest

Three Branksome Hall Asia students were finalists at the first National Youth Jeju 4.3 English Speech Contest held on November 2, 2019. The competition was sponsored by the Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation and the Jeju Minister of Education. Middle and high school students from all over South Korea participated in the contest. 

All three finalists from Branksome Hall Asia spoke with great passion, poise and confidence, and placed as follows:

1st place: Gayeon Koh with her speech “My Hope,” which will be delivered internationally in 2020.

3rd place: Bomin Seo with her speech “The Story of April That Was Once Hidden”

4th place: Eunsoo Kim with her speech “By Our Government On Our People”

The purpose of the contest was two-fold: to engage Korea’s younger generation in exploring Jeju’s history and to promote awareness of 4.3 globally. Deep engagement and global thinking were certainly evident in Gayeon Koh’s closing words: “Our actions matter and can bend history in the direction of peace and human rights. It is time for us to act.” 

Copies of the speeches will be displayed in our library, and will also be recorded in the Branksome Hall Asia Archive.

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