BHA student wins gold medal at Synthetic Biology competition in Boston, USA

Mary Francis, Advisor of 11MF

At the end of October, our G11 student Eunsoo Choi flew out to Boston with a team of students from other international schools in South Korea to take part in a worldwide Science competition.

Eunsoo joined the team in March after a professor at the University of Seoul introduced them to the concept of Synthetic Biology and encouraged them to take part in the competition. The students watched a documentary about the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, did experiments at the University of Seoul and visited Celltrion, a well-known Korean Biology company, where they interviewed research students and professors.

As part of their project they learned that antibodies are used as therapeutic agents, but also saw the limitations of diagnosing and treating particular diseases. They also created a website about their research and experiments and collaborated with other teams. Their project was entitled “Designing an Intra-cellular Antibody”.

Eunsoo found the experience of participating in an international competition quite inspiring and particularly enjoyed the global aspects of the competition. Through this project she improved her communication skills and is now more passionate than ever about Biology.