Back to School!

by Frances Lond-Caulk

After the holidays, some international school students find it difficult to come back to school. For many of them it is a shock to be hearing English all the time again. However this week in the JS, the students all seemed to come back to school with enormous smiles on their faces, happy to see friends again and ready to learn! They were so excited as they told each other what they had done for the past 17 days. The school was buzzing with energy, as everyone was renewed after the holiday, teachers included!

For me, as Head of the Junior School, I was shocked to see how much the children had grown in just that time. I am sure some of them are taller than they were in December. Indeed, some of the Grade 5s are definitely taller than me now. Many children confidently came to see me and asked, ‘How was your holiday?’, ‘Did you have a nice time?’ and even ‘Did you miss me?’.  As I said when I welcomed you to our winter concerts, I am so thrilled with how well the students are learning, especially with their English language learning. Next week you will be receiving your child’s end of semester 1 reports and on Monday 20th January we hope to see you for our Three-way Conferences. These will allow you to see your child’s progress and talk to them with their teacher about their learning.