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Admissions Council, Dedicated to Welcoming New Students

The Admissions Council aims to promote Branksome Hall Asia and help organize events to welcome prospective families to the Branksome community. Members of the Admissions Council act as student ambassadors and support new students in settling into the school. 

In the past few weeks the Admissions Council has been on a busy journey. So far this year, we have welcomed 80 new Middle School and Senior School students to our Branksome community. With such a large group of new students, we saw this as a wonderful opportunity to invite them to participate in multiple initiatives on campus. Our first event was called ‘Tea Time’, where both the Council members and new students enjoyed tea together, played school-related quizzes, and got to know each other. The students were engaged, had lot’s of fun and the feedback we received from them was incredibly positive. They were highly excited with the fact that they had an available space to exercise their voice and felt a sense of belonging. 

To further support our new students, we are devising improvements to our Buddy system, which involves matching up a new student with an existing student to help them confidently navigate their way through their new community.

Similarly, we are continuing to promote our amiable Branksome community globally. Assembly Council members are dedicated to leading school tours, which are regularly held each month. Further, starting this week, we are moving forward with the filming of a school promotional video, which has been designed by our passionate Council members. Unlike videos that already exist on the Branksome channel, we are looking forward to producing a more personal video that offers a wide range of student perspectives and experiences. 

As a member of our community, please do not hesitate to contact us when you need any help. The doors of Branksome Hall Asia will always be open through the Admissions council.

Be Remarkable. 


Jihoo Shin (G12)
Admissions Council Prefect