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A Warm Welcome Back to Boarding
Starting the New Year with a Full House of Boarding Students

Our Boarding Houses kicked off the New Year and welcomed back all students in Grade 6 - 12 after a well-deserved holiday break. The arrival date was nearly delayed after an unexpected and unusually large amount of heavy snow arrived in Jeju. This unusual weather created quite a few flight delays. However, the sun came out just in time for our Boarding Faculty to greet our students at the airport and bring them back to campus in a timely way. The girls were all cheerful to see each other again and the Houses were filled with laughter as we all prepared for the first day of classes in 2021.

While COVID-19 certainly has changed how we might operate on a daily basis, it hasn’t impacted the way that we practice genuine care for our students. We continue to take the needed precautions to keep our students safe. These measures include daily cleaning of the residences and school, social distancing at meals, and the use of guidelines that restrict group sizes for activities and meetings. However, these necessary precautions haven’t changed our fun and engaging programs or our dedication to each student. Our Family Dons check regularly to make sure that each student is well cared for and has the individual academic and social support that she needs. This care is of the highest importance as our Grade 12 students prepare for their upcoming mock exams. 

Our weekday program consists of nightly study sessions with supervised support, use of campus facilities or private study spaces and assistance from our Boarding Faculty and University Counselors. While the weekend options allow for more choice, independent options and local experiences which often include exploring the sites of Jeju or our own neighborhood. Through these programs, our boarding students are learning to manage their time wisely and organize their schedules to find a balance between academic and social commitments. These are the skills that they will take with them to universities. At the same time, these are the memories that will last a lifetime. 


Mindi Dryer
Head of Boarding