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A Tribute and Farewell to our Founding Members

By Branksome Hall Asia Editorial Team

Branksome Hall Asia was founded in 2012, and the year 2020 marks our eighth year of operation. Among the many changes and developments the school has witnessed, we would like to acknowledge the founding members that will be leaving Branksome Hall Asia this year. These individuals have made extraordinary impacts on our community, and we quote Mrs. Roy, who said, “We are proud to have been a forever lasting weaving thread in Branksome Hall Asia’s tapestry.” We thank you for your service and contributions and wish you the best for all your future directions.

Mrs. Noeline Young
Mrs. Young arrived at Branksome Hall Asia before the school opened. Not only has she been an integral part of the Branksome community, she has made tremendous differences for Branksome Hall Asia. During her time at Branksome, she held positions such as Head of Residence and Head of Student Affairs and most recently, Deputy Principal. Mrs. Young also has led Branksome Hall Asia’s ‘Restorative Practice’ program which is focused on building trust and strengthening relationships to improve student outcomes. She plans to return home in New Zealand and we wish her the very best.
Mr. Ray Young
Mr. Young served as the Head of Languages and a qualified IB Workshop leader
for MYP Language and Literature. With his extensive knowledge and language skills, he has guided many students to embark upon their literary journey. Mr. Young plans to retire and enjoy his time in New Zealand and we wish him the very best. 
Mrs. Heidi Roy
Heidi is a foundation member of staff at Branksome Hall Asia, with over 30 years of teaching experience from Grade 1 to 10. She has made tremendous impacts in many students’ lives in and out of the boarding houses and classrooms. She plans to enjoy her retirement life after this year. Branksome Hall Asia will truly miss her undefeatable spirit and big smile.
Mr. Stuart Roy
Mr. Roy has taught in Junior and Middle Schools and also worked as a key IT integrator of the school. With his varied experience as a school administrator and businessman, Mr. Roy’s contributions have been invaluable.  Mr. Roy has also coached many activities, such as badminton during his time with us.  We will miss him dearly.
Ms. Song Cho
Ms. Cho has taught Korean language in Junior School. She has introduced the Korean language and stories to many of our young learners, and also helped build a foundation in their home language. After this year, Ms. Cho plans to spend some time with her family. Best of luck, Ms. Cho!
Ms. Jay Kim
Ms. Kim has served the Branksome community as Head of Global Outreach and Community Relations, Director of Marketing and PA to the Principal. Ms. Kim built the Branksome Hall Asia brand and her contribution to promoting the brand has been exceptional. She will be dearly missed.
Mrs. Sungeun Park
Mrs. Park has served the school as a Junior School teacher and then as Associate Director of Admissions. She has worked with many student ambassadors and guided them to share students’ positive experiences at Branksome Hall Asia. She will be joining St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju as an English as an Additional Language teacher next year.