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A Time to Reflect

By Florence Wayas, Service Learning and CAS Coordinator

Our Grade 12 students are nearing the end of their IB Diploma journey, as unique as it has been this year and are therefore in the process of completing the mandatory CAS component of their program. The cumulation of varied CAS experiences such as volunteering with children in a children centre, to hiking sunshine peak, to creating a yearbook full of memories, which have played out over 18 months of challenging, empowering, enlightening months ends now in a time of introspective reflection captured in their final CAS interview.

The final CAS interview is always a wonderful experience as our students reflect on all their achievements and personal growth since they started their IB Diploma journey. Through CAS many have experienced the responsibilities of leadership for the first time, or engaged with activities that have improved their physical and mental well being through exercise. Many have developed an awareness of the world we live in and the power that they have, armed with the tools they have developed, to impact it for the good of all. Some will have found their future path through the application of their knowledge and skills through CAS. As they pause to reflect, everything comes into focus.

For the first time we are completing our final G12 interviews using the gift of 21st Century technology. The responses have been a proud moment to share for all. Our students have been able to see the value of reflecting on their experiences as a tool for celebrating their strengths and achievements, while recognizing the areas they can still improve. Having to maintain a CAS portfolio for 18 months is a responsibility that most of our G12 students now realize has taught them how to manage their time and priorities in order to achieve their goals. Many have been surprised by the levels of perseverance and interest in new experiences that they have shown and of all the transferable skills that they will take with them beyond Branksome Hall Asia. Most students said that they will remember learning about the importance of collaboration, time management, and reflection. These tools for success make us confident that our girls have become young women who are ready to take on the world. Carpe Diem!