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A Love of Reading for Everyone

Books represent a way of passing knowledge through generations. How else do we gain the wisdom of people who lived hundreds of years before us? Books are mirrors of ourselves and our experiences and can also be windows into other cultures, time periods, and worlds. How comforting is it to not feel alone? Reading improves vocabulary, critical thinking, imagination, and sometimes it can just be fun. Summer reading is especially important as it helps students to practice the skills they have learned during the previous year, and maintain or improve skills for the upcoming year. With the Summer Reading Program the library tries to incorporate as many key ideas and best practices as we can. Students have a choice of books from a list that ties into the curriculum or goals of Branksome Hall Asia. They are expected to read as many books as they can over the summer but to choose one to explore more in depth in September. 

On September 9th all girls in the Middle and Senior Schools participated in the Summer Reading Day. During Extended Advisory, students joined a teacher for a conversation and activity based on the book that they had read over the summer. Groups varied in size and in activity but what was consistent was the celebration of reading and books. Some activities included experiments, workshops on how to be an ally, an activity designed to help students to see the world as a refugee, and discussions about the nature of time and memory. While the Summer Reading Program culminates in one day, the activities/discussions will hopefully continue throughout the year as students talk about the latest fiction book with their science teacher or share a graphic novel they’ve read with their history teacher or ask the librarian for a recommendation. And most importantly these types of activities inspire a lifelong love of reading.


By Ahlya Fountain
MS & SS Librarian