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A Heartfelt Farewell to Our Grade 12’s in Boarding

A Heartfelt Farewell to Our Grade 12’s in Boarding

Mariana Muniz,
Head of Seondeok House


From all of us in Seondeok House and the Boarding Faculty, we wish our Grade 12 students great success in their IB exam results and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these bright young students. It has been a pleasure to have them in boarding with us, many of whom have been with us since Grade 6 or 7! As a Head of House since 2017, it has been wonderful to see them grow and succeed within our programs over the past six years. 

In their final year, the Teacher Dons and I shared many memories with them as we cooked together, explored Jeju together, got ready for prom together; now, we are preparing for their finals exams and graduation together. It is a bittersweet feeling but mostly sweet as we know they will go on to do great things. Our parent community has been enormously supportive and was an integral part of planning our Grade 12 Graduation high-tea luncheon in April. This was a special event when we all came together for the last time to share special memories. Each Grade 12 girl received letters from home, from their teachers, and from their Boarding Dons with words of encouragement to get them through the end of the year. Each student also received a small gift that represented a Seondeok “Munchkin” that they will take with them to University. 

We wish all of our graduates a great summer as they prepare for their life after BHA, and want every Branksome Hall Asia boarding girl to know that they are always welcome to come back to their “home away from home”!