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2022-23 Junior School Science Fair

2022-23 Junior School Science Fair

Monica Gustafson,
Junior School Science Coordinator

The Junior School Science Fair was a resounding success this year, with students from Grades 2 to 5 displaying their curiosity and creativity through various science projects, including studies, experiments, and innovations.

The students worked hard for several weeks to prepare for the fair. They chose a topic that interested them, conducted research, and presented their findings in a creative and engaging manner. The fair was an excellent opportunity for students to explore their interests, learn scientific principles, and develop their critical thinking skills through independent inquiry. In the process, participants demonstrated various IB Learner Profiles and approaches to learning, such as managing time, using various thinking skills, conducting independent research, and sharing their findings with the wider community.

The projects on display were diverse and covered a wide range of topics, from an innovative space station purposefully built on the moon to how art and science work congruently to protecting our environment in an effort to conserve dolphins’ local habitat. Students created interactive displays and models to showcase their findings. Notable projects included presenting data in a creative and engaging way, such as a flower project that used each day's photographs as their bar model.

The fair highlighted the students' application of the PYP by taking action. Several projects evaluated the use of plastics and offered alternative materials that limit the impact on the environment. Another outstanding project advocated for using excess local seaweed as a new material to keep Jeju beaches clean.

The fair allowed the students to showcase their hard work and passion for science while inspiring and learning from each other. It also helped them develop important skills that will serve them well in their future academic and professional pursuits. Junior school learners are clearly on the path to ‘shape a better’ world as evident in their research and action demonstrated during this fair. We would like to thank the teachers, judges, and parents for their support in making this year's fair a success. Congratulations to all the participants, and we look forward to seeing what our young scientists will come up with next year!