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2022-23 Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

2022-23 Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

  Ben Drury,
Grade 5 Grade Level Coordinator

Monday, February 20th was the official launch and beginning of the Grade 5 Exhibition journey. It was a day of team building challenges, collaboration, laughter and of course, lots of fun. At the conclusion of this day, our amazing and supportive Grade 5 parent community helped to make it memorable by surprising the students with yummy and delicious ice cream.

Advisory classes were organized and structured based on the student’s topic, theme or area of interest. This meant students were spread throughout all four homeroom classes. Grouping them in this manner. It helped to ensure that there were more opportunities for the students to collaborate and develop the necessary skills for success during the entire inquiry process. They were supported and encouraged to approach learning in an autonomous way, taking control of how they learned and engaging with topics as effectively and genuinely as they could.

This amazing group of Grade 5 students exhibited commitment and focus throughout the first five weeks of the inquiry process and continued to develop the necessary skills for success. After completing numerous workshops, expert meetings and conferring sessions with the Grade 5 teaching team, they were more than ready to share and celebrate their learning and discoveries with the wider Branksome Hall Asia community.

The final two weeks of the PYP Exhibition were a mad dash to the finish line and the time when creativity, imagination, and innovation were most evident. The majority of students moved away from the conventional poster board approach of displaying and sharing their learning to one that now included live performances, art installations, gamification, and other engaging and interactive presentations. 

On the day of the Exhibition, the Performing Arts Center was alive with nervous and excited energy as the crowds filled the auditorium. The opening ceremony was to be the beginning of a truly fantastic day, where Grade 5 students were provided with an opportunity to share their understanding of their real-life issue or topic; One where young and old were wowed and amazed by the confident and knowledgeable young individuals in front of them. 

As the inspirational and extraordinary Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” These words epitomized the strength, perseverance, dedication, and hard work the Grade 5 students, staff, and parents demonstrated throughout the entire PYP Exhibition process.